Cooking breakfast

2 eggs, spinach, clementine

Many people think that making breakfast us a huge undertaking. They resign themselves to eating cereal or some kind of on-the-go meal. Meh. I’m a huge fan of hot breakfast and I love to cook. Additionally, since I’m doing the slow carb diet most breakfast food (bagels, cereal, toast, juice) doesn’t work.

I have found that you can make, eat, and clean up an excellent breakfast in a little more than 10 minutes. My traditional breakfast is 2 eggs over medium, some cooked spinach, and a clementine. The eggs are topped with salt & pepper and my favorite hot sauce Tears of Joy’s August in Austin.

Here’s my method:

  1. Put skillet on burner under medium heat and turn on oven (10 seconds)
  2. Put a plate in the oven to warm it up (cold plate + hot breakfast = luke-warm breakfast) (5 seconds)
  3. Grab ingredients (2 eggs, hot sauce, precut piece of butter, precut frozen block of spinach, clementine) (45 seconds)
  4. Throw pat of butter on the skillet, put spinach in a bowl and put in microwave for 1 minute (45 seconds)
  5. Crack eggs into pan, once they set, add salt & pepper, turn off the oven (1 minute)
  6. Stir spinach, add a dash of garlic, microwave for 30 seconds (30 seconds)
  7. Flip the eggs (10 seconds once you practice)
  8. Peel the clementine (30 seconds)
  9. Flip the eggs again (5 seconds)
  10. Pull plate out of oven, plate eggs, spinach, clementine (45 seconds)

Total time: 5 minutes to cook

Eating and clean up take up the other 5 minutes. Enjoy your breakfast.