Waking up again

After a long (3+ year) nap, perhaps I’m waking up. I don’t miss the irony of my last post being about trying to becomeĀ an early riser, only for me to seemingly fall asleep for three years and never post again.

Back when I occasionally wrote on this blog, blog writing was a part of my job. It was a habit that I had trained. The last three years were spent mostly behind the scenes at work. Many times, I wanted to revive this site just to practice writing more, but I never quite got the momentum to start moving again.

Last week I saw a post from Seth Godin mentioning a college friend by name. This isn’t too surprising since she now works for Seth, but it still caught my attention. She said that Seth once told her that every day that you don’t post a blog, you’ve failed. So, she put together a challenge to have people post one blog a day, every day, for seven days. I guess a little push is all I needed after all.

Here’s the first post of what I hope will be a habit.