Live from the Nexus S

I got my hands on a Nexus S today. After having a Nexus One and Droid for the last year (plus a fling with the Evo) I have to say this is a mighty impressive phone.

Major likes
Screen is phenomenal. I really liked the Nexus One for its rich colors, but it almost appears dingy in comparison.

Additionally, the oleophobic coating keeps the screen looking clean.

The subtle haptic feedback. It feels crisper and nicer that other Android phones I’ve used. Not sure how it compares to other Samsung devices.

Speed. The Nexus S is running great. Everything is nice and smooth as it should be.

I don’t like the power button on the side or the headphone jack on the bottom. I’ll probably get used to these.

There isn’t a notification light.  No notification light means I have to check my phone more often. As a personal choice I don’t have email notifications turned on, but other notifiers are pretty important like text messages.

Those are my first impressions having spent about 12 hours with the phone. Overall, I feel it’s a winner over my Nexus One, but time will tell.  And yes, I authored this whole post from the Nexus S.