About Me


I use the site to write about what’s on my mind, experiences I’m having, and occasionally to share a story.

I’m the Product Marketing Manager for Google Cardboard and VR. I’ve worked at Google in marketing since 2006. Most recently I worked on the launch of Inbox by Gmail (happy to give you an invite). Previously I worked on Google Analytics and Website Optimizer, which included a lot of speaking engagements and blog writing. The opinions and views on this website are my own.

Before Google, I was at UC Berkeley where I double majored in Psychology and Linguistics. Beyond school I was active on a number of fronts. I was a Microsoft MVP for the Tablet PC platform. I also co-owned the (now defunct) blog The Student Tablet PC. I worked at the startup ipsh! (later acquired by Omnicom) and interned as Microsoft too.¬†Academically I spent a lot of time studying fields other than my major including technology strategy with Larry Downes (Unleashing the Killer App), political morality & cognitive science with George Lakoff (Don’t Think of an Elephant), and entrepreneurship with Jon Burgstone (SupplierMarket). I also co-founded the professional social network Alumwire during my senior year.

I call San Francisco home, and I’ve lived here since high school. These days, you’ll find me on the cusp between Russian Hill and North Beach.